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Pneumatic ship loader- and unloader arms

The art of lifting

Pneumatic Ship Unloader Arms

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A ship unloader often takes the form of a crane

A ship unloader/loader arm (also referred to as a manipulator) looks like a crane. As the name suggests, it is used to offload cargo. Each model is designed to handle a particular type of cargo including containers, grain, liquids or bundles.


Unloader manipulators are used in commercial ports. There are versions available for practically every type of merchandise.


Most unloaders are articulated cranes, either stationary or riding on wheels, rails or caterpillar tracks. Offloading capacity is measured in tonnes per hour. Some manipulators are equipped with vacuum or other tank-cleaning systems, which are used at the end of the unloading process.

Continuous operation versions unload suitable merchandise (e.g., cereals) in an uninterrupted flow via augur, bucket elevator or wheel.

How to choose 

Determine the detailed specifications, including the type of cargo to be handled and the size and type of ship. Where the cargo will be deposited after unloading also must be taken into account, whether it will be into trucks, silos, bins or elsewhere. Other factors include required unloading speed and whether the operation will be continuous or batch.

Heila works closely with Van Aalst Bulk Handling (VABH) to supply cement manipulators.

VABH delivers pneumatic ship unloaders, road-mobile ship unloaders, ship loading installations, and storage facilities worldwide. VABH specializes in the unloading and dry bulk handling of dusty abrasive powders and material. Cement, fly ash, china clay, limestone, granulated slag, alumina and borax are handled dust-free, complying with environmental standards worldwide.

Exclusive distributor of ship unloaders:

Van Aalst Bulk Handling
Engelandlaan 56 – 2391 PN Hazerswoude-Dorp, The Netherlands
T +31(0)172 213 341
E info@vanaalstbulkhandling.com
Web: http://www.vanaalstbulkhandling.com

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