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The art of lifting

A radio remote control system can optionally be used to control a crane. This system consists of a load-independent proportional-control valve block with electric actuator modules that is installed in the crane column and that can make the crane perform various movements. The remote control box (transmitter) is supplied complete with joysticks, operator belt and emergency stop button. A selector switch can be used to select manual control in case the radio remote control fails.

The following movements are possible:

– Slewing

– Topping

– Knuckling (if applicable)

– Extending (if applicable)

– Winching (if applicable)

Radio installation is supplied with a back-up cable. The entire system complies with European standards.

The radio system is fitted with a speed control that can reduce the speed of all movements independently using a spring-loaded toggle switch.

The toggle switch can be used to limit the hydraulic steering, reduce the operating speed in five (5) steps, from 100% to 60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 20%. Even when reduced in speed, the entire lever stroke is still available and the system retains resolution.

If the switch is moved to the left, the maximum speed will reduce from 100% to 60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 20%. Moving the switch to the right results in the maximum speed returning to 100% immediately. For safety reasons, the return to a maximum speed of 100% can only be made if all levers are in the zero position.

An operator crane cabin can be fitted to either the right or left side of the slewing crane column. Standard features are:

– safety glass
– internal insulation
– operator seat
– window wiper on front window
– sliding entrance door
– lighting


– heating
– air conditioning
– entrance platform (to be discussed with the yard)

Crane pedestals can be supplied in various sizes and configurations according to customer specification.

Heila supplies various sizes of maintenance platform that can be fitted around the pedestal, including railing and gratings.

Hydraulic Power Pack range includes solutions for positioning inside a room, or outside on deck in hostile environments, or integrated into the crane pedestal.

Operators appreciate this choice option as an application dedicated investment.

Power Pack has three-phase electric motor as a standard, while voltage and frequency match client needs.

Both Class or Explosion-Proof certification are available on demand.

Diesel power unit is an available alternative to the hydraulic described above.

Various types of hydraulic power unit can be supplied. Heila supplies standard power packs and custom-made models.

All power packs can be supplied with or without electrical starter boxes.

Optionally, a hydraulic hoisting winch installation can be installed for a single or double line pull, complete with hoisting rope, swiveling top sheave and swivel hook with counterweight.

The winch consists of a drum with planetary gears, and internal automatic multi-disc spring engage / hydraulic release safety brake.

Stainless steel proximity switches are used. (The last 3-winding switch and the hoist-end switch are stainless steel proximity switches.) An electrical cable-reel will be fitted next to the knuckle boom for the electrical hoist-end switch signal.

An optional hydraulic winch load-limiting device can be installed between the crane construction arm and winch base. The device will protect the winch from overload.

If a load is heavier than the permitted line pull of the winch, the crane will be switched off.

The winch overload signal is measured using a stainless steel, adjustable pressure switch fitted on the WLLD.

This hydraulic safety device construction is made entirely of Grade 316 stainless steel.

Our towing and tug winches with up to 100-tonne line pull and 150-tonne holding force can be supplied in various types.

For more information, please call us or send an email.

Constant tension (CT) winch systems are used to avoid slack rope in the winch system.

For example, when a load is hooked with the winch hook, it is possible to activate the CT system, avoiding slack rope caused by sea waves.

These systems are popular with buoy-laying vessels. We have adapted this system very successfully for dredging companies, especially for the connection of floating pipelines.

Man riding winch systems can be installed on our crane systems if people will be transported in a basket.

These systems are fully certified by the major classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, etc.

All crane installations can be supplied on request in an EEx-configuration, various standards can be met.

Optionally, a heel limiting device can be installed. This system allows the customer’s maximum permitted heel angle to be pre-set.

If this heel angle exceeds the adjusted angle, an audible and visible alarm will be set off.

Optionally, a sea state selector switch can be installed.

The crane operator can use this option to select the actual sea state condition using a selector switch.

Setting the switch to a certain sea state value will adjust the maximum crane capacity.

The following six possibilities are available:

– Harbour condition

– Sea state 1 – Bft. 2

– Sea state 2-3 – Bft. 4

– Sea state 4 – Bft. 5

– Sea state 5-6 – Bft. 6

– Sea state 7 – Bft. 8

Hydraulic grabs are available in a wide range of types, from clamshells to peel grabs.

The grabs can be fitted to our crane installations or supplied separately.

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