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Mr. Wim van Wijngaarden

Mr. Wim van Wijngaarden

Mr. Wim van Wijngaarden

Sig. Wim van Wijngaarden
“...Un vantaggio particolare di Heila è che anticipa le nostre esigenze e garantisce che la continuità della nostra attività non sia compromessa. Hanno tecnici qualificati ed esperti che garantiscono che le nostre gru siano sempre come nuove. Qualità e servizio sono i punti di forza di Heila: è questa la ragione per cui continuiamo a lavorare con loro."

From the moment Wim van Wijngaarden left school, he is working in the shipping industry. In 1974 he founded Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, and his company works worldwide. His first contact with Heila Cranes Nederland dates back to 2007 when he ordered a boat at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld on which a Heila crane was installed.

About Van Wijngaarden Marine Services
Van Wijngaarden Marine Services was founded in 1974 as a sole proprietorship with the aim of chartering auxiliary material for dredging and marine construction projects. Started with the activities in the Netherlands, the company starts in 1975 to charter equipment abroad. Over the past 40 years Van Wijngaarden Marine Services has developed into an independent provider of maritime services. Now they own a fleet of 15 workboats for deep sea, coastal and inland waters, such as win and screw tugs, workboats, tow and push launches, survey boats,  crew tenders and multi purposed crane pontoons.The vessels and crew of Van Wijngaarden Marine Services are at work all around the world, mainly on projects in the industries Transport, Maritime Services, Dredging & Marine Construction and Offshore Energy.

Van Wijngaarden Marine Services pursues a policy of long-term strategy. The company focusses on maintaining good relations with its customers, continuously investing in people (training), on ships (new construction) and on continuous optimisation of the company’s operations. Safety and quality form an essential part of the mission and working operations.

Expert overhauling of marine cranes
‘Our workboats are not all fitted with Heila cranes. We offer our customers a choice of crane types. However we recently ordered a 65 tonne Heila crane for the Amerstroom. Our heaviest crane is a 280 tonne Heila crane that is installed on a multipurpose vessel. The heavier Heila cranes are equipped with winches,’ commented Mr Van Wijngaarden.
‘We do business with Heila Cranes Nederland (Heila), not just because they are the authorised dealer for Heila cranes in north-western Europa, but especially because of the level of their service and expertise. Many companies state that service and customer orientation are key aspects of their business, but Heila goes further than just words. The service-related aspects of their business, such as overhaul, maintenance and supply of spare parts all operate smoothly. Of course it is always possible to find something that can be improved, but efficient service comes at the top of their priority list.
A particular advantage of Heila is that they anticipate our needs and ensure that the continuity of our business is not jeopardized. For example they always provide a replacement crane when one of our cranes is being overhauled, and that does not just apply to Heila cranes. Other types of cranes are installed on our workboats and these cranes are also maintained and serviced by Heila. The replacement crane means that the turnaround time of the overhaul is not so important. Heila understands that time out of service means loss of profit. They have skilled and experienced technicians who ensure that our cranes are as good as new after installation. Quality and service are the strengths of Heila and the reason we do business with them.’

Long-term strategy is essential

‘The shipping industry has been through a number of difficult years and commercial banks are still making minimal progress when it comes to providing finance for the industry. I do see a slight recovery in shipping, particularly in the offshore sector.
Our business is focused on long-term strategy and this pays off in these less affluent and uncertain times. This year we have already seen a growth in the number of requests from the hydraulic engineering sector compared to during the past three years.
Our focus on working safely anywhere in the world and delivering quality ensures that Van Wijngaarden Marine Services is successful. For example, our ships have recently qualified for Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) certification. We have even received compliments for our company’s work in Sochi, where one of our boats, the Rijnstroom, spent six months towing, supplying and assisting the Boskalis backhoe dredger ‘Maricavor’ which was working there. The work was completed within the agreed time and without accidents.
Well-equipped ships and good working conditions for the crew members are the foundation of our company and Heila’s service levels match perfectly with this,’ concluded Wim van Wijngaarden.

If you would like more information about Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, please visit www.wijngaarden.com

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